Leader: Mona Bass



A brief history of St. James’ Community Garden

In Sept. ’10 we noticed that the property next to Alley House was in foreclosure,  Fr. Bill Rontani notified the Bishop and a fund for property acquisition was used to provide funding.  The diocese in turn gave the usage of the property to St. James and provided the monies for the demolition of the existing dwelling and for improvements (i.e.: Community Garden). By spring of 2011 the demolition and rough grading was completed.  Materials for the garden provided by the diocese.

In April 2011 we put the word out for a meeting of potential users: eight potential gardeners arrived and we were ready to begin! We ended up with eleven gardeners! We brought in 40 cubic yards of organic fill and 20 cubic yards of bark. We then put out a request for volunteers to place the fill and bark. On a Sat. morning at 9:00 a.m. approximately 24 volunteers showed up and went to work with wheel barrows, rakes and shovels!  Some were folks that had taken a plot and others just to help, including eight from Beale Air Force Base, some neighbors and folks from Lincoln. ECW and Bob Nield provided a BBQ lunch of hamburgers. By 1:30 p.m. the work was done and the planting began!

In 2013 we added a labyrinth for people to come and walk and meditate.

In 2014 the plot adjacent to the garden went on the market.  We notified the diocese who made it possible to take out a loan to purchase this property.   Thanks to two 'angels' who gave of their time and talents to 'build' the garden, we now have 34 plots.   We also have a place to sit, reflect and pray.  One of the 'angels'  has taken over the running of the garden. 

The verbal agreement with all the gardeners is that a minimum of 10% is to be donated to the needy through local agencies. This has been quite successful.  Among the agencies receiving food are: a women’s shelter, the Lighthouse and The Salt Mine plus our Food Closet.

The only requirement for using a plot in the garden is being a resident of Lincoln or a member of the armed Forces. A fee of $25 is charged at the beginning of the season. 

The Community garden is a blessing for St. James and Lincoln!! Thank you all!